While hiking the trails and doing of trail adventuring we come across many different and interesting items of nature or mankind. There were people here long before Columbus visited the North American Continent. Evidence of their existence can be found along the many trails that we hike on. This forum will be a place to share your findings.
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Post by ConnieD » Tue Feb 10, 2015 11:29 pm

Netflix is running this History Channel series: America Unearthed.

Have you seen it? Do you have comments?

The first one, has Georgia clay in Mayan Blue coloring used extensively in Chichen Itza.

It isn't only trade, there are spiral mounds and stone structures in Georgia. One large stone on display near a structure in the city was referred to as a star chart stone. Comments?

This is the first one, in the series.

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Re: History.com/unearthed

Post by zelph » Wed Feb 11, 2015 12:07 am

Yes, I watch it.

Scott Wolters did a partial of one program dedicated to the Burrows Cave saga that takes place in Southern Illinois. Last year I went to the supposed area where the

cave is. I went there to debunk the Lowery story that a hole was found on his property. a hole that had gold scrapings on the walls of it as if gold had been stored in it.

There is evidence all over the United States that ancient man was here long long before Columbus ever got here.