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Re: White Box Stove

Posted: Fri Oct 30, 2009 11:26 am
by zelph
A statement made at BACKPACKINGLIGHT.COM this year gave some insight into the manufacturing of Denatured Alcohol and some of the ingredients used to denature it. Here is what was said:
However, lest you are wondering whether this is all made up, a quote from the noted alcohol stove enthusiast Tinny of MiniBullDesigns in America is worth reading. You should note that he is only talking about those versions of denatured alcohol which he has been able to buy in America. We are sure other versions exist.

"The additives are the problem with denatured alcohol. If you had used this denatured alcohol from different sources you will discover that sometimes it has stuff like bleach in it. I have had it give off fumes that sent me running for my life because it caused my eyes to burn as well as my lungs. I have also seen a thick brown residue left behind that caused jets to plug up as well as causing bubbles of a plastic-like substance to form inside the stove.

Now the reason I bring this up is that new information has come to light while reviewing this thread. The information found was a statement made by, (noted alcohol stove enthusiast Tinny of MiniBullDesigns in America ;) ) he was doing a review of the WBS(see previous post) and he said:
" OH-- I DO NOT recommend DENATURED ALCOHOL. I can't speak for every area but in my area they keep using different stuff to denature it, like camel urine and the results can be dramatic".
You read it correctly, "Camel Urine"

So, Camel Urine and Bleach can possibly be found in Denatured Alcohol per minibulldesign.

This is just a little something to think about the next time you purchase stove fuel ;)

Re: White Box Stove

Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2009 8:19 pm
by zelph
I did a little test today and wanted to show you the result:

1/2 ounce of HEET was used in each stove.

1/4 ounce HEET was used to prime them just to make sure the prime flame wouldn't go out befor the WBS bloomed.