You know you're an ultraliter when . . .

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Re: You know you're an ultraliter when . . .

Post by CJD » Sat Aug 09, 2014 6:11 pm

I have a REI LED Trail Cap. It lights up the world on hi-beam.

No more headlamps, for me.

I had the same revelation as this thread, when I realised I really do not need a tent.

I had carried a tarp in Scouts, but I was convinced by merchandizing I needed a tent.

I had tents I liked, two entrances - not so closed in. Next, I pitched only the tent fly and the footprint, but I had to carry two snap-apart folding tent poles.

More tarps later, I got the Oware Asym 1 tarp I consider to be ideal.

I use those walking sticks to pitch my Oware Asym 1 tarp.

Now, the only tent I will consider is the Shangri La 3 set up with walking sticks or no sticks at all, suspended from an overhead branch.

It is the enclosure of a tent that was my revelation: I don't like an enclosure for the outdoors.

I want shelter, and, looking out at the weather from the shelter.

I think that realisation came at about the same time I started "carrying less" on the less is more idea.

I always had a lightweight pack, compared to others. But now, I wouldn't think of carrying a tent or a heavy stove because I have many happy memories of trips in the mountains with that tent or stove.

In fact, the last time I carried a tent was when I had to spend most of the day getting it dried out enough to pack it up.

In fact, I evaluate a zelph stove by efficiency, weight, and, now, how quiet it is. I found out I like hearing everything else in the mountains or in the woods.

My ultralight experience is walking, or, in the campsite, taking in everything with my senses: sights, sounds, and the scent of the fresh air, the wildflowers, and, the woods.

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