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Re: Fuel Bottle Idea

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 9:44 pm
by zelph
Ridgerunner wrote:
I'll be you make short work out of dressing and butchering whatever your group takes down. Are you the designated "cutter" and others have titles like "The Cook" and "Dishpan Hands" or is it "Everybody for themselves"
I have processed a few deer over the years and am also the designated cook for the most part. Dishpan hands is someone else usually. So, basically, I cut, cook, camp, "celebrate", chill, then time for the big C-esta :D
Sounds Great!!!!!!

I had three deer come in my yard just as the sun was setting to munch on apples and alfalfa. 120 feet from my back door. Mamma and 2 yearlings.(twins) Tried to get a photo :o can't find my camera :roll: :roll: :roll: