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Re: Camp Gear Link

Postby zelph » Wed Sep 17, 2014 8:02 pm

Flatfire Folding
Charcoal Lighting Chimney

Sand Bar Flat Fire Folding Charcoal Starter

Reg. $69.95

Model No: FFCC

Sand Bar Flat Fire Folding Charcoal Starter

Great For: Any Where Space is Very Important!!!!

Sand Bar Flat Fire Folding Charcoal Starter
•Folded Size = 14.5" W x 12" T x 1.25" D
• Measures 12” x 7.5“ x 7.5” when in use
• 7.5" Square Opening
• American Oak Handle stays cool to the touch
• Bail handle lets you easily pour hot coals into a grill
• Made Out of Stainless Steel
• Prepares 30 to 40 briquettes in minutes.
•Total Weight = 4.25 lb.
• Folds Flat for Easy Storage = Ultra Portable!!!
• Wooden Handle for a Comfortable Grip
• The Last Charcoal Lighter you Will Ever Need!!!!

Great For:
• Camping
• Dutch Oven Cooking
• Rafting Trips
• Family Gatherings
•Any Where Space is Very Important!!!!

Sand Bar Flat Fire Folding Charcoal Starter carry Bag
Durable carry bag with comfortable handles. Zipper opening.

Model No: FG16
UPC Code: 033246204802
Will have Camp Chef Logo on it

The Flatfire Folding Charcoal Lighting Chimney Light your charcoal quickly and easily with this Charcoal Lighter Chimney.

Instructions for use:
For outdoor use only. 1- Fill bottom chamber with several pages of crumpled newspapers. 2 - fill top chamber with charcoal. 3 - Light news paper. 4 - Wait 15 minutes for hot coals..... Once tips of briquettes turn white, they are ready to cook with.

First off for those not familiar with what a charcoal chimney does, it eliminates the need for lighter fluid as the design in a chimney is to allow the coals to start burning much more rapidly in a tight container vs. lying on the bottom of the BBQ. Most designs for chimneys are cylinders, with vents at the bottom, a handle for pouring the coals. They are easy to light, simply fill, put some newspaper under the chimney, light and wait 10-15 minutes.


Nice to have one that folds flat.

I'm burning premium oak wood pellets as my campfire fuel. 4.29 a 40lb bage. Last 3 good hours of nice bright flames....better than split wood :D
"Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained" stove store = http://www.woodgaz-stove.com/

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