Great deals at this months REI used gear sale!

What have you found in the thrift stores that you can modify or use as is?
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Great deals at this months REI used gear sale!

Postby LoveRise » Mon May 03, 2010 3:18 pm

Greetings Everyone!

When I posted my No Mess Trail Baking video someone asked me to share what deals I got on Saturday at the REI gear sale. I scored a great deal on a sleeping bag if and only if I can get out the dog scent out that it has in it...laughing. I paid 39.00 for a sleeping bag that costs 360.00.
Mountain Hardwear Lyell SL -15 Sleeping Bag - Long at

The bag is pretty big because it has 2 lbs of fill and the entire bag weighs in at about 3 and 1/2 pounds. I bought a compression bag for it to shrink it's size down to about the size of a soccer ball. So it's not a bike camping bag it's more like an expedition bag for when you want to boondock in ALASKA!

It would also make a good down quilt for my burro travel trailer. So I haven't decided if I want to sell it. If I could sell it for about $200 I might so I can buy a waterproof camera. Yet, I'm not sure I can get that much for a used bag. So we will see. I want to buy the Panasonic and I bought it last year for $349.00 to lose it in a river accident while kayaking the first time I used it in Yosemite yet I walked away with my life so I wasn't too upset...well I did cry once I safely swam out of the rapids...smiling.

So I had been debating buying another one since the newer model is now out and they are clearancing the model I want for much less and I had said to myself that if it went to 235.00. I would buy it. And just this minute it went down to 238.00. now I'm wondering if I should get it or see how loooooow the price will go.

I got some other grr-eat deals as well. I have been experimenting with trying to find the lightest sleeping gear for bike camping. So I've bought a hammock, different tents and I had been wanting a bivy sack for when I'm stealth bike camping and can't use a tent out in the open.

So I scored a minimalist bivy by rei that goes for $99.00 for 30 bucks.

I also got a wonderful cookset for 4 that would be too heavy to backpack with but is ideal for a consolidated set for the burro and that was normally 70 and got it for 30.
GSI Bugaboo Base Camper Cookset - Large at

Then I'm still searching for the ideal light tent for bike camping and got an rei clipper tent which is a well respected tent that is onsale at rei for 129 normally 169.00 but I got an older model for 25.00. I'm hoping that is going to be a keeper but it's about a pound more than I like. So I might sell it for 75 dollars.
REI Clipper Tent - '09 Special Buy at

So those were the major deals and I will be spending my days checking everything out so I can put some more things on craigslist for sale. The greatest part is that all of my purchases cost me nothing because I had a gift card and I still have 20 dollars left over to spend at the next sale or when I visit rei on Wednesday for a woman's bike fixing clinic which I'm looking forward to so I can increase my self sufficiency where fixing and maintaining my folding bike is concerned.

Celebrate Life!


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Re: Great deals at this months REI used gear sale!

Postby realityguy » Mon May 03, 2010 4:53 pm

:lol: Sounds like you did get some good deals! ;)
I don't think we could be more opposite this month! :lol: I've BEEN selling campgear on craigs and buying bicycles..bought three this weekend,a women's smaller road bike(FINALLY!) for the wife which seemed impossible to find..and these two..a Nishiki lightweight Gran Tour 15(25lbs) and a Worksman Folder for the wife also.She made out pretty good for the month! :roll:

The Nishiki is too tall for me (nice riding bike!:cry:)
At least these will keep her off MY Raleigh Professional and Raleigh Folder. :mrgreen: Got the three bikes this weekend..I finally have bikes for the wife so I can quit looking now.. :o .....NOT! :lol:

LoveRise,good time to sell campgear on craigs..going fast,especially carcamping stuff.For some reason around Seattle I can't sell thermarest pads...????Have several for sale for very reasonable prices and they won't sell.I have people emailling but no one showing up for synthetic bags and thermarests..I hope you have better luck in that department than I do... :cry:
Used bags are a tough item to sell for any decent amount of money..probably should stick it up on ebay and get a world market..and people that don't live near an REI.The REI sales may be why mine haven't been selling that well.
One person did come by for a large tent for taking and leaving it in Haiti when she was done with her volunteer work(REI camp dome 6)..but she did go look at REI first.You may want to wait until all the REI sales are over..then list items
I still need to yank out boxes of cookwear and smaller camping stuff..see how that goes...
LR..Good luck in your craigs sales.."I know you just listed that..but..will you take 25% of what you want?" :lol: Lots of scammers now also!
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