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Post by realityguy » Fri Nov 26, 2010 12:06 pm

Mine probably use 3/4oz per boil and boiling isn't it's primary purpose,cooking is.Small things like pot height above the stove,windscreen size,shape,height,pot width and thickness, all play in fuel use.Tweak things here and there and you might get better results.If it doesn't,don't worry about it.A lot of the people here strive for 1/2oz per boil;I don't.
Your idea of carrying a lot more fuel already in the stove may get a lot of excess evaporation while it's warm or even between uses..where one that you pour/use/hold only a certain amount of fuel will burn every vapor of that fuel before possible evaporation.It's no big thing.
You can probably alter your burn by making a simmer ring that fits on top,another metal cap you can place on there to tweak it into a smaller flame pattern and produce a longer burn,maybe a better bang for the buck..depending how and what you are cooking,if needed. This is an open forum of testing,trying different ideas and sharing those ideas..experimentation with those ideas,building and tweaking your own stove ideas.Read any criticism as just an exchange of one is trying to put down stoves;just advance their development.(as in..maybe TiGoat can make a Smokehouse-proof door latch.. :roll: ..another thread where I got it for being too critical.. :lol: )I'm sure everyone here will agree that I am the biggest critic of stoves on here.It's not to put them down;it's to save people a lot of screwing around,wasting fuel,and spending money for nothing trying to improve ideas as I have in the past in testing/tweaking stoves. :roll:
Anyway..don't let it bother you..Just figure a lot of mad scientists standing in one room exchanging ideas on creating fireballs and getting that more perfect toasted marshmallow. :urhere: :sci: :chop: :fuel: :marsh: :DBfire: ...... :mrgreen:
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