One day tent sale

Have some lightweight gear to be rid of for one reason or another, post it here!!!
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Re: One day tent sale

Post by zelph » Tue May 31, 2011 10:39 pm

I've never had any personal problems with ebay. I've made some mistakes unknowingly and corrected them.

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Re: One day tent sale

Post by ConnieD » Wed Jun 01, 2011 12:54 pm

Is your rating 100%?

It seems to me, an honest businessman corrects problems.

If you are 100% or maybe not, I don't know.

However, eBay will not protect that honest businessman!

There is no rating "adjustment" for putting things right. One instance is less than 100%.

At least, I will read to find out what brought about the "neutral" or "negative" rating.

How many people will do that?

For one Seller I guess it was "the slow boat" all the way from Hong Kong, China.

I didn't care if I got my product 5 weeks later. It was only 4.5 weeks later. WhooHoo!

Since that time, different Sellersin Hong Kong get the package here in less than 3 weeks.

The last package had a "countdown timer" on the sold item page for me, showing the arrival date. It was very much like our packing tracking number arrival date. It worked for me!

I liked that feature so much I complimented the Seller in the few short remarks on his rating.

I also really like the Hong Kong eBay stores who ask right on the item listing to contact us first, we want a 5 rating!

However, once I did have the experience where I made a "constructive" or "helpful suggestion" to find they acted like it was a criticism. It was not. I said I am making a helpful suggestion: I wish you every success. But they didn't take it that way.

That makes me think they are under a lot of pressure over there for "perfection" from an oppressive government. I don't see how "perfection" and "no criticism" as well as "helpful suggestions" could be taken wrong except in a totalitarian and autocratic government.

I don't see that business anymore. I only made the "helpful suggestion" to strengthen the connection of the wire to the connection and how it may be accomplished. They had a great product. I love it. I said so. The audio on those earbuds was truly outstanding. I complimented them for their product.

In another instance, I was cheated $70 by one business on mainland China. There was no way to come out okay on that one throught the eBay "Resolution Center". I would have the shipping costs, they didn't have to pay to send it to me because the Chinese government pays all their shipping cost but I would have to pay and have nothing to show for it.

The only recourse on that one is to sell it to a technician who has an active specialized sma parts supplier. To that end, I have had a number of postings and pm's in a special interest forum for the EeePC 900.

I realise cannot put it right myself, but maybe someone who can will purchase it from me for what I paid. Good luck! right?

$70 !!!

The business had to know that, because his kits were widely discussed in the trade as not having the parts needed for the EeePC 900. But he advertised heavily at eBay for this video display as the video display replacement for the EeePC 900. He was all over eBay proclaiming he had the replacement display.

How many people did he cheat!!!

I have only a Social Security check for income. I would like to supplement that with income.

I will not help myself, or, help people around where I live, by getting on eBay.

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Re: One day tent sale

Post by zelph » Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:42 pm

Yes, I have 100% positive feedback. I had at one time the rating of "top seller" up until I slacked off on monthly sales. You bring a dollar amount that puts a

smile on their face and you can get a "title" That is an incentive for many people. Pump up an ego, get a title :roll:

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